Brief History of KJA

The land and original farmhouse that Kabete Junior Academy is situated on was purchased by Mr. and Mrs. Kinyanjui in 1983 and this was where they raised their three children.

The couple bought a 6 hectare piece of land which was the main house for the neighboring coffee plantation. Out of the need to find a school for their daughters to attend and because they could not find what they were looking for in the schools in and around this area, Mrs. Kinyanjui and a friend got the idea to start a pre-school in their house which was renovated with class rooms and to become the school that now KJA.

The aim was to start a school that was well rounded and could accommodate all classes and all races under one roof.

The school started with a total of 9 students when they finally opened their doors in 1986. To date KJA caters to neighbouring areas because of its convenient location. Mrs Kinyanjui still resides next door to KJA and she is an amazing advocate and is very supportive of KJA.

The school was eventually sold by the board of directors to the current owner who is now the sole owner of the establishment. He is very passionate about education and ensures that we have up to date equipment and teaching resources to maintain our high standards at KJA.

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