Class Structure

At KJA, children are cared for by dedicated, qualified staff in a stimulating and supportive environment where their unique qualities are nurtured and encouraged. Meals are freshly prepared each day and children can spend time exploring and playing in the nursery’s outdoor area.

Activities at the nursery follow the Early Years Foundation Stage and extra activities like ballet, music classes, arts and craft, horse riding, swimming and more are offered for further enrichment.

Elephant Class

20 months to 2 years old

Our Elephant class is the first class your child will encounter at KJA. We encourage all aspects of development for your child's physical, intellectual, emotional and social needs.

Although still very young, we strongly believe your child should be introduced to a wide variety of activities such as different methods of painting, pottery, music and movement, physical education, library time, the list is endless; but all this in mind, fun is above all of main importance to KJA.

We do help you to potty train your child as we understand all children learn at different stages. We have a qualified teacher and 2 trained assistants in the Elephant class and we provide a healthy snack each day. Do come along and see how much fun the Elephant class can be.

Lion Class

2 to 3 years old

In Lion class we understand that your child's needs differ drastically from being age 2 so we do not combine the classes. As well as centering on the physical, intellectual, emotional and social needs of your child, we now introduce skills to further develop hand/eye coordination and fine motor skills such as threading with small objects, cutting, tracing and development of further colour recognition, number and shape concept.

They will also join in a wide range of other extra-curricular activities such as splash fun, pony, pottery, yoga, music, PE and of course play and fun.

Giraffe/Zebra Class

3 to 4 years old

In Giraffe class your child now graduates to the other end of school. They now start on basic phonics using the letters and sounds programme and recognition of numbers, reading and writing skills. The first step of reading is the use of the imagination which we capture through wordless books with 'Oxford Reading Tree' and also mathematical skills through 'Abacus'.

Your child is now introduced to science and circle time when group discussions take place. Your child will be able to do two optional afternoons during which science, cookery, arts and crafts take place. This is an easier way of introducing your child to full day school. They also continue with our wide range of school activities.

Flamingo Class/Reception Year

4 to 5 years old

Your child now enters our reception class where they will spend the next three terms developing on going skills from the Giraffe Class.
They now start on word reading books, enhance their phonic and writing skills, mathematics , geography, history and science during morning class and fun activities such as swimming, football computer studies, cookery, sewing and woodwork during the afternoon class.

They are encouraged to become more independent and self-sufficient which is a necessary step for preparation to preparatory school once they complete Hippo Class.

Hippo Class/Year 1

5 to 6 years old

Hippo Class is KJA's key stage 1 National Curriculum class. All the preparation to enter preparatory school should be completed by the time they finish Hippo Class. They extend further on reading, writing and mathematical skills, which are incorporated through the Oxford Reading Tree, Letters and sounds programme and Abacus workbooks as well as reading books; all this while maintaining our philosophy of having lots of fun through extra-curricular activities(swimming, football computer studies, cookery, sewing, recorder and woodwork ) during the afternoon class.

Confidence and independence really excel in Hippo Class and is welcomed and encouraged by our class teach


Extra-curricular Activities

Extra-curricular activities that are included in KJA’s all-inclusive package are:

For all age groups: Pony, PE, Yoga, Splash fun (for the younger children) and Swimming (for the older children), music and pottery.

For the reception year and year 1’s: Woodwork, sewing, football and computer studies.

For the year 1 class: Recorder.

We host an annual Sports day where all children participate and an annual Swimming gala for the older age groups:

We also have a range of Optional Extra Mural Activities which are paid for by parents, these include: Ballet, Golf, Racket games, Monkeynastix, Skating, Big Builders club, Individual piano lessons, Karate, Speech and Drama.